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Ramuné Original is the flavor that started it all! For many people, this is the one and only Ramuné. With it's unique flavor that no one can duplicate, taste a little of the history.
Ramuné Melon is one of our most popular flavors. Tastes just like the real fruit. Try our refreshing Melon Flavor.

Ramuné Strawberry Flavor was the second flavor that was introduced in the USA! Not too sweet, Ramuné Strawberry reminds you what a real Strawberry tastes like.
Ramuné Orange is the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus. Try it out for yourself.

Ramuné Grape is the latest flavor to join our Ramuné line up. It has the characteristic of the big plump grapes you eat in Japan.
Ramuné Lychee

Ramuné Peach

During the 1800’s, Commodore Perry introduced lemonade to Japan. The Japanese people loved it so much that it became a hit! However, there was the pronunciation issue and the word lemonade became what we know as of today, Ramuné.
Most people know Ramuné for its unique bottle, called the Codd-neck Bottle. The uniqueness comes from the marble inside the bottle.
“Why a marble?” you ask. Instead of a traditional bottle cap, the marble acts as the bottle cap.
Back in the day, the Ramuné makers needed a way to hold the carbonation inside,
Back in the day, the Ramuné makers needed a way to hold the carbonation inside, and this technological piece allowed them to do just that.
The carbonation from the soda pushes the marble upwards, pushing it against a rubber seal. This creates the airtight seal, allowing it to hold onto the bubbly goodness for a long time.
The flavors of Ramuné started as lemon-based, but over time evolved to become its own unique taste.